Frequent Asked Questions

What is BIGSHOT?

Bigshot is a skill based online fantasy gaming platform for the sports of football, cricket and many more. It introduces the user to fantasy gameplay models of Match Play, Team Auction, Player Auction and Weekly.


Click on the “Register” tab on BIGSHOT homepage and then fill up the registration form. You can also register with your Gmail or Facebook account login. Registration is for free! If you get to have any issues with the registration process do not hesitate and contact us.


Once you have registered on BIGSHOT, you can login either with your registered “Email Address” and “Password”. You can also login via Google or Facebook on the app.

Forgot Password

Check whether the registered Email ID and Password entered are correct and try logging in again. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password”, enter your registered email address and we will send you a link to update your password in your mailbox. If you are facing any difficulties you can write to us at

Not able to Login

Your user credentials are secured with us. If you are a registered user on BIGSHOT and you are sure that you are entering the correct details, but still you are unable to login, kindly drop an email to us at Our customer support team will assist you.

Registration confirmation email

If you have not received any confirmation email from Bigshot after registering, there could be 2 reasons: a. The mail sent by Bigshot might have been marked as “Spam” and could have been sent to the spam folder of your mailbox. So kindly check the spam folder of your mailbox and mark any email communication from as “Not Spam”. Also add to your contacts in order to avoid any inconvenience in future. b. While registering with Bigshot, the user must have mistyped his/her email address. In such a case, please write to us at

Can i create multiple accounts?

A user is allowed to have only one account through one email id. Creating multiple accounts with the same email id is not allowed. Registration for the game is open to all nationals.

I can't update My Profile

Your user details are absolute and cannot be altered once you are registered. So do make sure you fill in the correct state/country, and an ideal username and team-name while filling your profile. Bigshot reserves the right to suspend and delete registrations that contain team names which are deemed us to be inappropriate or offensive. Until these details are not entered, you will not be able to play. If you want to change any details such as Nationality, Team Name or Email etc Kindly write to

Player: Levels & sub-levels

The more contests and games that you play, higher will be the XP’s that you shall earn which will increase your sub-level’s, a further increase from the sub level’s will see you level up. This will enable yourself on achieving a new rank and name every time. The more XP’s that one keeps earning, will allow him/her to unlock more levels.

Buy Coins

Once you have logged in, click on the “Shop” tab from the user menu. Select the amount of coins that you wish to buy and click on “Buy Now”. Choose the mode of payment and enter the payment details. The coins will be credited into your account once the payment is completed.

I am unable to purchase coins

The payment mode that you use to make the payment needs to be authorized by your bank. If you are getting a payment failure error message, it means the bank is not allowing you to make the payment. This could be due to various reasons such as insufficient balance, entering incorrect PIN or CVV, etc. In such cases, try calling your bank and fix the issue or you can also write to us if it seems like a technical issue on our app at

Time taken for the coins to reflect after payment

Once you successfully make the payment, the coins will immediately reflect in your Bigshot account. You will be notified about all your transactions of coin purchases. If the amount of coins is not getting reflected in your account post a successful transaction, please write to us at

Spin The Wheel

Spin the wheel feature allows users to gain additional coins for themselves in order to gain more coins. It will be a wheel of chance that will appear on a daily basis, that one can spin and on the amount of coins that it lands that many coins will be added into the users account.

Monetized Ads - Earn Free Coins

Monetized advertisements are another method for users to earn additional coins for themselves. Similar to spin the wheel it will appear on a timely basis and upon selecting and viewing the advertisements, users will additional coins for themselves.

Daily Login Streak

Daily Login Streak feature will reward coins on a daily basis when one logs in to play. The rewards will be increasing on a daily basis with a big reward on the 7th day. The log in feature works as a streak so if a user is to miss out on a particular day and break the streak, he will have to start all over again.

Matchplay Teams

You can create a maximum of 10 teams in every match, that you wish to play and you can join the contest with any of those teams. Also, while playing the Multi-Player contest with a contest size of more than 100 teams, you can join in with all your 10 teams in the same contest itself. However, while playing the multi-player contest with a contest size of 10 or more and less than 100, out of 10 teams, you can join in with any of the 6 teams in the same contest itself. You can make as many changes as you want in your team(s) until the deadline of that match. Once the deadline has passed, no changes are allowed to be made and the teams will be locked.

Captain, Vice Captain & PowerPlayer

Captain, Vice-Captain and Power Player are players that will earn you extra points. These players will be nominated from your final 11. A Captain & a Vice-Captain cannot be the same player. However, the Captain & the Vice-Captain that you select can also be your Power Player. These player’s points will be scored as shown below:
• Captain: 2x points
• Vice-Captain : 1.5x points
• Power Player : 2x points
• Power Player + Captain : 3x points
• Power Player + Vice-Captain : 2.5x points


Click on the “My Matches” tab from the menu. There you will see the matches you have joined and can see all the contests that you have joined as well. The status of the match will display “In Review” once it is over. The winnings are processed, once the scorecard is verified and the status of the match will change to “Completed”.

Responsibility & Liability

1. The extent of Bigshot’s responsibility to you has been determined in the context of the following:
a) The game is provided to you free of charge.
b) You are responsible for any action you do or do not take as a result of the game and the information therein.
c) You are responsible for ensuring that your equipment is enabled with appropriate up-to-date virus checking software.
2. While we shall make sure that the game is available to you at all times, without faults and that the contents are correct and accurate, it cannot make any legal commitment to you that this will be the case.
3. Bigshot accepts no liability to you for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of entering the Game.
4. If you are barred or disqualified from being registered as a player, you shall not be eligible to participate in the game under any other identity or team name. Any such decision made shall be final. .

How can I contact you?

We are available from 10 to 6 Indian Standard Time. Just take into consideration that such support is in English. You can write to us at We normally revert with 24 hours.